Guerilla Inventor
Invent it
Manufacture it
Market it
Sell it

• How to invent the "right" product

• How to find your factory in 5 minutes or less
• How to market to your target audience for free
• How to get the best exposure
• How to sell an existing product
Learn the fastest paths to the market
How to do it all fast, on a tight budget
• How to package it
• When (and when not to) patent it
• How to sell to the big chains
Get the Guerilla Inventor DVD, and learn the fast track path to the marketplace, and launch your inventions, quickly, and on a budget.

A Guerilla Inventor is an inventor who knows all the fast paths to the profits. The Guerilla Inventor goes from product concept to marketplace reality, quickly, and inexpensively. A Guerilla Inventor doesn't waste any time or money, and takes no prisoners

What's a Guerilla Inventor?

Learn from an experienced professional

Learn to take your invention, or an existing product, and move quickly to the market, and make your money

Louis Carroll is the driving force behind the Guerilla Inventor video and his company LC Enterprises. Louis has been inventing, developing products, marketing and selling since 1987. Louis has ample experience in website design, website sales and rankings, the wholesale market, retail market, and direct sales to consumers. Louis has developed and sold millions of dollars worth of his creations into the market and continues to do so. Louis's specialties include direct sales from websites, selling products to the sporting goods chains, and selling products to the automotive chains. Louis manufactures in the USA, and in China. Louis has made all of the mistakes that await any uninformed inventor, and can tell you how to position yourself to avoid these mistakes.

The Guerilla Inventor video is a "no nonsense" educational free product that covers all the subjects that any inventor needs to be aware of. Louis outlines the fastest and cheapest techniques to get your product engineered, developed and manufactured, whether in the USA or China. Then Louis explains how to market your product for the best results. There are many ways to go, and Louis explains them all, with graphic detail. Louis also explains the mistakes that he has made, and how they came about. It is important that inventors recognize the "signs" of impending disaster.

The information in the Guerilla Inventor video is intense and detailed, and will probably have to be viewed several times to really remember all the lessons and advice. However, once mastered, the inventor will be able to proceed with confidence. The inventor will see the correct path for his invention, and turn his ideas into marketplace realities. Louis also explains how to take an existing product, and market it, in the face of your competition, and win. The information in this free video will benefit even the most experienced inventors and product developers. We're confident that this information will help you. This knowledge will save you time and money, and will "fast track" your ideas and products.

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