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The Guerilla Inventor approach is lowcost and fast. The Guerilla Inventor knows all the short cuts, the low cost solutions, and fast paths to the profits. The Guerilla Inventor doesn't waste time or money. The market is different from 5 years ago, and new marketing methods are available and highly effective. Learn all the latest strategies and get your product on the market.

The Guerilla Inventor video contains 37 chapters and is 4 hours long. The list below is just a partial list of the subjects that are covered. This video is thorough, and is designed to illuminate an effective and profitable path for your invention or product. The subjects that inventors really need to know, such as how to get their product manufactured, and how to market their product effectively are covered in detail. Also covered in detail are the numerous pitfalls that await any inventor that begins to develop his product. Things that you would never think of are waiting to bite you. This video brings these demons to light, so that you can avoid these costly problems. By following the steps outlined in the video, an inventor or product seller can really set himself on a fast track to the market, and avoid numerous and costly problems, that can sink a new company.
About the author, introduction
Success and failure
Your personal success, defined
Why you should invent
The dangers of your regular job
How being broke is your advantage
How to set your goals, where to aim.
How to proceed on a multi million $ goal
How to find an existing product to sell
Existing products vs. inventions
Methods for selling expensive products
Methods for selling low cost products
Essentials vs. non essential products
How to sell the non essentials faster
How to exploit new untapped markets
How to get the right price on your product
Methods that give an existing product an edge
How to invent the right product
How "Reverse Inventing" will save you time
Natural triggers that make consumers buy
The simple concept of the prototype
How to get free engineering
How to find your factory in under 5 minutes
Manufacturing in the USA vs China
How to use China to your advantage
How to get there cheap, under $600
How to package your product and why
Understandng your true costs
How to succeed at a trade show
How to sell to the big chain store accounts
What not to sell to big chains
Who are the biggest chains
How to sell to the smaller mom/pop market
Markets: wholesale vs. retail
How to market to millions for free
Harmonizing advertising with human nature

How to sell via a website

How to setup a thriving business on Ebay
How to get the free press, in print
How to develop the right names
How to get the great website rankings, free
How to handle your barcodes, cheap.
Patents, the timing, and when not to do this
How to get the patent protection cheap
How stealing your idea works
How to turn a thief into your distributor
Why a Guerilla Inventor avoids "inventor submssion" companies
Factoring companies, why you need them
PO lenders, and how to use them
Why Guerilla Inventors avoid partners
Your merchant account, how to deal with these snakes. How to get set up correctly
Warehousing and shipping, the mistakes
How to protect your inventory, at low cost
What natural demons to watch for
Why inventory is a time bomb
How to warehouse for a chain store accounts
Cycles in the market, how to stay ahead
Warranties, how to limit your exposure
Package warnings. What you need to include
The Guerilla Inventor video is the real deal. 4 solid hours of "to the point" lecture. No words are wasted. This video gets right down to business, and thoroughly explains the above subjects, and much more. The information is complete, everthing that you need to know. After hearing the information on the Guerilla Inventor methods, your path to the market should be crystal clear. You should be able to proceed on the path to your own success, without suffering the time and money wasting pitfalls of the uninformed. All inventors, even the most experienced, will benefit greatly from the information on this video.
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Market it
Sell it

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